Media monitoring – what is it worth? Part 2

July 7, 2006 at 12:23 pm Leave a comment

Some further thoughts on media monitoring:

Michael Blower at the Media evaluation blog writes about audience reaction to the media as an “outtake” indicator with the new “BBC most popular stories” tool:

“For too long media content analysis has been driven by media output. This new tool makes it possible to do something which, up to now has been an expensive luxury – see an exact measure of media out-take.”

I find this a refreshing point of view from a media evaluator, moving the focus from “output” to “outtake”. If we consider “outtake” to mean understanding, reaction and favourability to a message, such website tools can provide a feedback – albeit not complete – on this level of measurement. I guess there must be a web-based tool that can collate and prioritise the popularity of news stories (based on visitor traffic) from the main news sites. Googletrends does this with search results and links it to news stories as I wrote about previously, a step in this direction. Of course we have to factor in the limitations of web metrics including pass-word protected content of news sites.


Entry filed under: Evaluation tools (surveys, interviews..), Media analysis & monitoring, PR evaluation.

Media monitoring – what is it worth? Media monitoring to behaviour changes

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