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Special issue focusing on public relations measurement and evaluation

A new special issue of PRism focusing on public relations measurement and evaluation has just been published. PRism is a free-access, online public relations and communication research journal.  

In his editorial (pdf), Tom Watson quotes Jon White as saying that the PR evaluation discussion is like:

“A car stuck in mud with its wheels spinning”

In other words, the debate goes around but there is no traction. Let’s hope that this interesting collection of articles will put some more tread on the tires…

And I’m obliged to mention my own case study in the issue:

Blogs, mash-ups and wikis – new tools for evaluating event objectives: A case study on the LIFT06 conference in Geneva (pdf)


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Evaluating Communication Campaigns

As the whole development and humanitarian sector focus more on accountability and performance, there has been a push for more evaluation of communication activities of this sector.

Most methodology and tools can be adapted from those used in the private sector. However, many communication campaigns of NGOs and international organisations often have dual outcomes they wish to achieve – individual behaviour change (e.g. persuade individuals to adopt a more healthier lifestyle) and policy change (e.g. push governments to change policy on food labeling).

An excellent study “Lessons in Evaluating Communication Campaigns: Five Case Studies” from the Harvard Family Research Project looks at evaluating campaigns ranging from gun safety to emmissions (ozone) reduction.

If you are interested to read more about standards and practices of evaluation in the development and humanitarian sector, a good starting point is The Active Learning Network for Accountability and Performance in Humanitarian Action (ALNAP). This interagency forum focuses on evaluation and accountability issues in this sector.


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