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Humanitarian advocacy – an introduction

For those interested in the area of humanitarian work and advocacy, this presentation could be of interest – where I explain what is humanitarian advocacy – its definition, levels, process and challenges.

Originally presented at CERAH as part of their Masters in Humanitarian Action. 

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Toolkit: Advocating for Evaluation

Here is an interesting new publication “Advocating for Evaluation: A toolkit to develop advocacy strategies to strengthen an enabling environment for evaluation” (pdf) from Eval Partners. The focus of the toolkit is on how to advocate for a supportive environment for evaluation.

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Evaluating global campaigning – example of HLP advocacy

From evaluating global campaigns and advocacy projects we naturally learn a lot about the challenges and obstacles faced at this level.

I recently carried out an evaluation for  Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) on their programme-based advocacy initiative on housing, land, and property (HLP) – the evaluation report is available online (pdf).

This was a very interesting project as it both aimed to bring about policy change at the local (national) and global levels to strengthen the HLP rights of displaced persons, some of the key learnings for global campaigns and advocacy that I’d highlight were as follows:

– the positive results seen in combining country and global level advocacy with country-level cases providing substantive evidence for the global advocacy;

– the importance of achieving change within the organisations carrying out the advocacy, particularly when they are carrying programmes in the given sector (in this case, assistance and support for displaced persons);

– the balance between going alone on or building broader alliances for advocacy initiatives;

– the need to follow up advocacy initiatives and treat advocacy not as “one-off” events or activities but as activities that will need to be monitored and supported until the given objectives are met.

The evaluation was carried out by Patricia Goldschmid and myself for Owl RE.


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Monitoring and Evaluating Advocacy toolkit

I recently came across this resource from UNICEF, which is their  guide to monitoring and evaluating advocacy (pdf).  It’s a companion to their larger advocacy toolkit (pdf).

It’s a very comprehensive guide and I’d add it to my previous list of best resources for advocacy evaluation>>

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Two New Advocacy Evaluation Tools

Here are two new advocacy evaluation tools from the Center for Evaluation Innovation:

The Advocacy Strategy Framework (pdf): presents a simple one-page tool for thinking about theories of change that underlie policy advocacy strategies. Check out the “interim outcomes and indicators” on the last page – very good range of advocacy outcomes/indicators.

Four Tools for Assessing Grantee Contribution to Advocacy Efforts (pdf): offers funders practical guidance on how to assess a grantee’s contribution to advocacy outcomes.The four tools include:
1. A question bank
2. Structured grantee reporting
3. An external partner interview guide
4. Contribution analysis


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New resource: the value iceberg: weighing the benefits of advocacy and campaigning

Rhonda Schlangen and Jim Coe (independent evaluation consultants) have just published a very interesting paper “The value iceberg: weighing the benefits of advocacy and campaigning” on the BetterEvaluation website.

The paper looks at how concepts of ‘value’ and ‘results’ are being applied to advocacy and campaigning and presents some alternative strategies for assessing advocacy. You can see the “value iceburg” below.

View the paper here>>

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Insights into global advocacy: Oxfam’s GROW campaign

I recently spoke at the Graduate Institute in Geneva for the students of the Certificate in Advocacy in International Affairs  – presenting a case study on Oxfam’s GROW campaign – drawing insights on global advocacy campaigns. My presentation is below:

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New publication: Learning about Measuring Advocacy and Policy Change: Are Baselines always Feasible and Desirable?

IDS have produced an new paper “ Learning about Measuring Advocacy and Policy Change: Are Baselines always Feasible and Desirable?” (pdf).  Here is a summary from the author:

This paper captures some recent challenges that emerged from establishing a baseline for an empowerment and accountability fund. It is widely accepted that producing a baseline is logical and largely uncontested – with the recent increased investment in baselines being largely something to be welcomed. This paper is therefore not a challenge to convention, but rather a note of caution: where adaptive programming is necessary, and there are multiple pathways to success, then the ‘baseline endline’ survey tradition has its limitations. This is particularly so for interventions which seek to alter complex political-economic dynamics, such as between citizens and those in power.

The paper raises some very valid points about the challenges of establishing baselines, particularly for advocacy/policy change projects – one which I’ve also experienced in that with advocacy we are never rarely starting from “zero” – organisations could have been working on a given issue for some time when this given project came along.

View the full paper (pdf) >>


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A guide to monitoring government policies

We often focus on the evaluation of advocacy that aims to influence government policies – but another important aspect is to monitor government policy as it develops (or not).

Here is a useful guide from CAFOD, Trocaire and Christian Aid on this subject: Monitoring government policies: A toolkit for civil society organisations in Africa (pdf).

It explains very well how policy is developed and when and how it can be monitored – very informative.

View the guide (pdf)>>

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Advocacy campaigns and policy influence

Influencing policy is often an aim of many advocacy campaigns – the notion of trying to bring about change in the policy of governments, the private sector or even international organisations (e.g. UN).   Here are two interesting publications in this area:

Pathways for change: 6 Theories about How Policy Change Happens (pdf)”  of the US-based  Organization Research Services describes different theories as to how policy change can occur – interesting reading for those trying to influence policy.

A guide to monitoring and evaluating policy influence (pdf)” of the UK-based Overseas Development Institute describes the different approaches to evaluating policy influence – i.e. how you can evaluate your efforts to influence policy.

Both publications are worth a read if you are interested in policy influence and advocacy campaigning.

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