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IF campaign – evaluation report

  As regular readers will know, I’m particularly interested in campaign evaluation and have written before about campaign evaluations that I have been involved with, on food justice and climate change.

So I’m always interested to read other campaign evaluations and just published is the campaign evaluation (pdf) of the Enough Food for Everyone IF campaign on global hunger. It’s a very comprehensive report and interesting to read.



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Insights into global advocacy: Oxfam’s GROW campaign

I recently spoke at the Graduate Institute in Geneva for the students of the Certificate in Advocacy in International Affairs  – presenting a case study on Oxfam’s GROW campaign – drawing insights on global advocacy campaigns. My presentation is below:

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Advocacy campaigns and policy influence

Influencing policy is often an aim of many advocacy campaigns – the notion of trying to bring about change in the policy of governments, the private sector or even international organisations (e.g. UN).   Here are two interesting publications in this area:

Pathways for change: 6 Theories about How Policy Change Happens (pdf)”  of the US-based  Organization Research Services describes different theories as to how policy change can occur – interesting reading for those trying to influence policy.

A guide to monitoring and evaluating policy influence (pdf)” of the UK-based Overseas Development Institute describes the different approaches to evaluating policy influence – i.e. how you can evaluate your efforts to influence policy.

Both publications are worth a read if you are interested in policy influence and advocacy campaigning.

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