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5 resources on communicating evaluation results

I had the pleasure last week to run a workshop for 2 days in Berne, Switzerland on the theme Integrating Communication in Evaluation organised by the Swiss Evaluation Society and LAUCO Training and Evaluation. In my research for the workshop, I discovered some new resources on communicating evaluation results, here are a selection:

1. Evaluation Reporting:  A Guide to Help Ensure Use of Evaluation Findings – from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, (2013) (pdf) >>

2. Evaluation guide – developing a communications plan for evaluation – from the Pell Institute (2014)>>

3. Communicating Evaluation Results – Presentation by the Asian Development Bank, 12th Meeting of the DAC Evaluation Network, June 2011 (pdf)>>

4. Communicating and Reporting on an Evaluation –  from the American Red Cross & CRS (2008), (pdf) >>

5. Tips for delivering negative results (blog post – J. Sinclair), 2013 >>

This photo from Patricia Goldschmid of myself explaining some points at the workshop – thanks again for all the participants for making it such an enjoyable experience!


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10 tips for delivering negative evaluation results

From the  Better Evaluation Blog, a very useful post on how to deliver negative evaluation results – that they have summarised in ten tips:

1. Use a participatory approach from the start
2. Discuss possible negative results in the early contracting and design stages
3. Inform clients immediately and often – a ‘no surprises’ approach
4. Build in time for course correction
5. Question the evaluation plan
6. Emphasize the positives
7. Tell the truth
8. Present results in terms of lessons learned
9. Provide suggestions for addressing deficiencies
10. Involve stakeholders in identifying obstacles and ways to overcome them

Read the full post and explanations here>>

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