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ALNAP’s first webinar on humanitarian evaluation – 26 June 2014

For those interested in humanitarian evaluation, ALNAP’s Humanitarian Evaluation Community of Practice, is organising its first webinar:

The webinar will feature a presentation of the evaluation capacities framework from the popular ALNAP Study Using evaluation for a change and will include a discussion with two members of the Community of Practice – Wartini Pramana (Canadian Red Cross) and Mikkel Nedergaard (Danish Refugee Council) – who have been exploring and working on these issues in their respective organisations and will share their experience and learning on this topic.
· Francesca Bonino, Research Fellow – Evaluation (ALNAP)
· Alistair Hallam, Director (Valid International)

· Wartini Pramana, Manager, Planning, Evaluation and Knowledge Management (Canadian Red Cross)
· Mikkel Nedergaard, Adviser, Monitoring and Evaluation (Danish Refugee Council)

Register here>>

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