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New online hub – learnings from the IF campaign

Bond (UK NGO body) have created an online hub of campaigning effectiveness resources based on the lessons and recommendations of their  IF campaign.

More than 30 individuals have shared their expertise in 7 areas of coalition campaigning to produce some 20 resources. They give top tips, reflections and ideas on topics ranging from digital campaigning to how to structure coalition campaigns. In addition you’ll also find interesting campaigning tools to assist with common campaigning issues.

The “Inspiration” mini-cases are particularly interesting for those working on campaigning and seeking to learn what “works” for others.

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IF campaign – evaluation report

  As regular readers will know, I’m particularly interested in campaign evaluation and have written before about campaign evaluations that I have been involved with, on food justice and climate change.

So I’m always interested to read other campaign evaluations and just published is the campaign evaluation (pdf) of the Enough Food for Everyone IF campaign on global hunger. It’s a very comprehensive report and interesting to read.



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