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communication evaluation in UN agencies

The UN Joint Inspection Unit (JIU), an external oversight body of all of the United Nations, has just produced a very interesting study on Public information and communications policies and practices in the United Nations system (pdf)

Aside from providing an interesting and critical view of communications in the UN, the report also looks at the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of communication activities – concluding that M&E needs to better feed into management directions and decision-making.  Here are some key findings from the report on  M&E and communications:

-Only half of UN agencies have included M&E in their communication frameworks
-Indicators used are predominantly output-based
-There is absence of an evaluation culture among communication staff
– Existing monitoring systems (e.g. for media coverage) were largely descriptive, rarely analysed and did not feed into decision-making.

View the full report here (pdf) – M&E aspects discussed from page 22 onwards.

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