Highlights from interviews at LIFT06

February 3, 2006 at 10:21 pm Leave a comment

As part of my project to evaluate the impact of LIFT06, I spoke with some 20 people over the last two days about their initial reactions to the LIFT06 conference. This helps me gain further insight into the feedback we will receive when we survey all LIFT06 attendees next week. Here are some highlights from my interviews:

Why come to LIFT06?
“I need to know what is coming in the web field – in the near future. We need to know what services and features we can propose to our clients” [webmaster for large organisation]
“In my workplace people are using this technology. For me what is interesting is the impact of technology on people” [education worker]
“I’m here to exchange ideas with people working in similar positions – that’s the added value for me” [webmaster for NGO]
“I have nothing to do with technology. I’m in business intelligence. But this is the future I am told” [financial analyst] 

What are the benefits?
“Ideas, ideas, ideas. I need the futuristic stuff like spimes but i also need the bread and butter stuff like communication channels” [web consultant]
“Concrete proposals. Mash-ups for example. That’s an area we’ve got to explore” [webmaster for large organisation]
“The communication aspect. I’m here for the marketing and communication perspective and how these new technologies can be applied [communication manager]
“Just before leaving for LIFT06, the Head of Media asked me “What do you know about blogs?” “Huh!” I said “Let’s speak when I get back on Monday” [Information Manager]

Are you connecting?
“It seems a bit geekish – I don’t know anyone. Could you introduce me to some people?” [consultant]
“Over breakfast and lunch, I’ve chatted with plenty of interesting people, of most interest were people working in the same field as me” [webmaster for NGO]
“Hey, that’s the UNAIDS cocktail taking place over there. Let’s go and network with them as I’ve got a job application pending there” [web editor]

Admittedly, these highlights are not all representative of the views expressed, but provide a flavour of what people thought – and said.

For some random quotes from LIFT06, check out Nicolas Nova’s collection on pasta and vinegar


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