10 tips for translating PR results into the language of business

April 22, 2009 at 9:10 am 1 comment

Dow Jones Insight have produced an interesting e-book  “Talk to me – 10 tips for translating the PR results into the language of business“. The e-book is well worth a read, following are some highlights I appreciated:

  • 60% of companies are measuring PR/communications at the request of senior management. So as a communication professional it’s probably wise to take an initiative and start measuring activities before management asks for it.
  • Measuring just one form of PR/communications activity, such as print media mentions, doesn’t offer a comprehensive view of your strategy – a combination of data is recommended to provide a complete picture. In a recent article by Drs Gregory and Watson, they point towards the trend of using multiple formal and informal metrics and feedback to measure PR/communications.
  • As PR/communications is primarily concerned with managing perception and building strategic relationships, one key metric should be measuring relationships. How can this be done? A good starting point is to read the Dr Grunig / Dr Hon “Guidelines for measuring relationships in PR“.
  • Presentation of the measurement report is important. Top executves only need a high-level summary of results. Dr Macnamara calls this “two-tier evaluation” explained well in this article (pdf).

Download the e-book>>

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