Mor-on Twittering

June 17, 2009 at 9:17 pm Leave a comment

Following from my post about AVE’s and twittering in conference sessions earlier this week, it seems that some of the twitterers were not just against AVEs, but also against anyone defending them.

My point is  how can you hear  the argument if you are up to you neck in  negative twitters – not just with other people in the room, but the rest of the world too? Also, be careful.  Libel lawyers also subscribe to Twitter.

Basically, the presentation was:

a) Asked how many people in the room us AVE’s — almost everyone raised their hands

b) Given that it is a wide-spread practice, here are some ideas about how to use and not use them:

– no multipliers unless verified
– adjust for quality of placement
– possible use as a predictor of sales based on some recent experimental modeling work
– don’t call it the value of PR, call it what it is — comparable cost of buying the space as advertising, a cost that may be the perceived minimum value to the advertiser as a contribution to their business. This assumes the market for advertising is one that functions as an effective market with complete information (ie negotiated rates, not ratecard).

The presentation neither endorsed nor deplored the use of AVE’s, but instead recognized that its use is widespread. There may be reasons to use that approach, and if one does use it here are some do’s and don’ts…. (get the presentation by emailing


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