A Guide to Actionable Measurement

January 6, 2011 at 4:24 pm Leave a comment

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has produced a new publication “A Guide to Actionable Measurement” (pdf).

To paraphrase, what they mean is evaluation and monitoring activities that can be used and acted up.

Following are some excerpts from the guide that are well worth considering:

7 points on what is actionable measurement?

1. Consider measurement needs during strategy development and review
2. Prioritize intended audiences
3. Do not privilege a particular evaluation design or method
4. Focus on a limited set of clearly articulated questions
5. Align results across strategy, initiatives, and grants
6. Obtain information needed to inform decisions in a timely way
7. Allow time for reflection and the development of insight

4 points on evaluation at the strategy level:

1. Measure outcomes more frequently than impact
2. Measure for contribution, not attribution
3. Harmonize and collaborate
4. Limit the tracking of inputs, activities, and outputs at the strategy level

View “A Guide to Actionable Measurement” (pdf)>>

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