Advocacy impact Assessment Guidelines

May 11, 2011 at 7:25 pm Leave a comment

Here is an interesting fact sheet from – “Advocacy Impact Assessment Guidelines” (pdf).

The fact sheet provides a very good summary of  evaluating advocacy actions – the “how” and “what” to evaluate. It also highlights some key points to keep in mind, summarised here:

  • Different stakeholders will have different views on what success is;
  • If you cannot prove impact, be satisfied with a critically informed assessment of change;
  • Include subjective criteria, (i.e. what successes people feel have taken place but cannot substantiate with evidence);
  • Break down your advocacy intervention into manageable components;
  • Be practical, yet flexible. The external environment in which your advocacy takes place will be changing all the time;
  • Monitor changes in your strategy itself;
  • Collaborative advocacy means that individual contributions cannot be separated from the success of the whole effort;
  • Share evaluation results with a wide range of people to show the disbelievers that advocacy can work and to motivate those who have been involved.

View the fact sheet here (pdf) >>

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