The PR Agency Of The Future – measurement and data!

July 9, 2013 at 10:41 am 1 comment

Paul Holmes of the Holmes Report has written a very interesting article on what he sees as key to the future of the PR agency.

For those interested in PR measurement, what is reassuring is the focus he puts on the need for the better use of data and measurement by agencies. I’m always surprised to see how little PR agencies do in measurement  – so any more uptake of evaluation and measurement would be welcome.

Here is a summary of some key points:

  • Big data at the center: Sufficient evidence suggests data and analytics can have a powerful effect on communications. There has been an incremental increase in the use of data to drive PR efforts, but the progression is minimal.
  • Insight to drive meaningful creativity: Strong data will lead to better insights, giving way to creative PR ideas that effectively solve real world problems. Don’t assume your experience is enough to make a good campaign – use data.
  • Understanding the human brain: To better understand how to change behaviors and attitudes, PR pros should read and listen to neuroscientists like David Eagleman. After all, PR is a social science.
  • Recruiting differently: Practitioners who understand and even love data exist, but firms need to recruit a broader, more digestive range of people to find them. Seemingly unrelated disciplines should not be ruled out.
  • Make it matter: To ensure communications efforts pay off in business terns, every campaign, every stakeholder group, and every advance in how we apply data and science can and should be measured.

View the full article here>>

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