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What makes for the perfect internal conference?

As regular readers will know I am interested in evaluating conferences and events. So this report caught my eye: What makes for the perfect internal conference.

The report details a discussion from some 40 private and public sector communication professionals in the UK and recommendations for the *perfect internal conference*.

I particularly like what they had to say on “Outcomes and effectiveness”:

“If the conference is part of a wider initiative, this must beclear to participants. Stakeholders need to define and agree on the desired outcomes in advance. This doesn’t preclude unexpected benefits, but creates a frame on which to measure success”

View the report and video here>>

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Measuring long term impact of conferences

Often we evaluate conferences with their participants just after the conferences, measuring mostly reactions and learnings, as I’ve written about previously.

Wouldn’t it be more interesting actually to try and measure the longer term impact of a conference? This is what the International AIDS Society has done concerning one of its international conferences – measuring longer term impact 14 months after the conference – you can view the report (pdf) here.

Their overall assessment of impact was as follows:

“AIDS 2008 had a clear impact on delegates’ work and on their organizations, and that the conference influence has extended far beyond those who attended, thanks to networking, collaboration, knowledge sharing and advocacy at all levels.”

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Presenting evaluation results in multimedia video

As I’ve written about before, the way in which we present evaluation findings – usually in a long undigestable report – certainly has its limitations.  It’s been sometime I’ve been thinking that with the developments in multimedia there must be better ways than the written document to communicate evalution findings – and here it is! We’ve just completed a multimedia video report on the evaluation of the LIFT France conference:

This is certainly the way forward. Thanks to Patricia (concept & inteviews) , Thierry (filming & production), Benchpoint (survey) and Yona (graphics).

October 2, 2009 at 2:31 pm 5 comments

evaluating events and conferences

I’ve written previously about evaluating events and conferences, and in a recent evaluation I undertook for the LIFT09 conference, apart from measurements of attitudes and reactions to the conference, we also looked at what online visibility the conference generated. We found three interesting results based on qualitative and quantiative analysis of blogs and tweets:

– 22% of the blog posts analysed had embedded videos of conference presentations (or liked to them). This is an indication of the importance of the videos in promoting the conference and its themes.

– 32% of the people blogging on the conference were not actually attending the conference – indicating the “reach” of the conference outside of the direct participants.

– The number of tweets on the conference peaked sharply during the three days of the conference (on the second day notably) while blog posts, in smaller numbers, continued to be written about the conference weeks later. The graph below illustrates this point:


Graph data was generated by and

The full conference evaluation report can be viewed here (pdf)>>

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Blog on event evaluation

This is the first blog I’ve seen that focuses 100% on event evaluation: Constellation Communication blog. Many interesting posts on event evaluation and ROI for events.

Similar to what I do with an “event scorecard”, here is an interesting post with visuals on how to represent event evaluation – the ROI measures are particularly useful.

View the blog here >>


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Evaluating events and conferences

Like me, you might be suprised to know that businesses spend an estimate 150 billion US dollars per year in organising meetings and events in the US alone.

But in my experience, organisations rarely measure the impact of meetings and events: what did attendance at meetings or events change in the performance of individuals and organisations as a whole?

I’ve done some event evaluation projects in the past years and have developed an “event scorecard”. To summarise and share my experiences, I have just created a fact sheet “Evaluating events and conferences (pdf)” – good luck with it!


(above photo from Lift conference 2007, Geneva, Switzerland – photo by noneck).

September 24, 2008 at 1:17 pm 2 comments

Event scorecard

In the work I do to evaluate conferences and events, I have put together what I believe is a “neat” way of displaying the main results of an evaluation: an event scorecard. In the evaluation of a conference that occurs every year in Geneva, Switzerland, the LIFT conference, the scorecard summarises both qualitative and quantitative results taken from the survey of attendees. Above you can see a snapshot of the scorecard.

As I have evaluated the conference for three years now, we were also able to show some comparative data as you can see here:

If you are interested, you can view the full scorecard by clicking on the thumbnail image below:

And for the really keen, you can read the full evaluation report of the LIFT08 evaluation report (pdf).

Greetings from Tashkent, Uzbekistan from where I write this post. I’m here for an evaluation project and off to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan now.


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